Custom Test Development...

At Hemingway Software Products...we will gladly Customize our testing products to better accommodate your specific needs.  The cost of customization is surprisingly affordable.  Examples of recent custom tests include:

  • Restaurant Math
  • Residential Accounting
  • Adjustable-Time Typing Tests
  • Hospital Vocabulary
  • Greeting Card Spelling
  • Business Math
  • Accounting Clerical
  • Warehouse Data Entry

Custom tests can generally be delivered within a week.  The cost to develop one test...of approximately 35 $350.  The test is your property and can be administered without any restrictions. 

If you have any questions...please don't hesitate to call 949-360-1545.

Our custom work is not limited to just tests.  In recent months we've developed:

  • Exit Surveys
  • Productivity Tracking
  • Applicant Applications
  • Industry Specific Calculator

If you are interested in our testing products...but would like your own Company Logo...we can easily insert your logo to on the introductory the product a customized look.

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