Effective July 16, 2014 ... we converted from our Metered system to a Token system whereby the specific test you administer will cost anywhere from 1 to 4 Tokens.    Our primary clerical tests, for example, will only cost 1 token each.  Microsoft Office tests will cost cost 2 tokens, while some of our Behavioral tests will cost upwards of 3-4 tokens. 

Click Here for a complete list of Available Tests and the corresponding Token cost.


Online Testing offers the following Advantages:
Access to our entire test library
Immediate inclusion of version upgrades and new test titles
Ability to test from any location
No limit on number of simultaneous test takers

Online Testing No. Tokens Purchased Cost per Token
Any single Test 1 $25
Online Account (with access to all the tests we offer) 1-24 $12
25-100 $10
100-249 $7
250-999 $6
1,000+ $5

Unlike many other Testing providers, at Hemingway we still offer a number of testing packages that may be purchased as Installed Software.
Please note: Effective July 1, 2014 MS Office testing will NO longer be available as installed software.

Packaged Software {Installed Software...Unlimited Usage} Cost Add'l License
Accounting Skills Testing (15 tests in bundle) $695 $495
Accounting Skills Testing - Lite Version (any 8 tests) $395 $295
Basic Office Skills (18 tests in bundle) $395 $295
Medical Office Skills (20 tests in bundle) $450 $345
Legal Office Skills (21 tests in bundle) $450 $345
Combination Packages (Does NOT include MS Office Products or Behavioral tests)  {Unlimited Usage} Cost Add'l License
Basic Office Skills & Accounting Combo (18 Basic Office tests plus any 8 Accounting tests) $675 $525
Any 8 tests (Accounting, Basic Office, Medical, or Legal) $395 $295
Any 12 tests $525 $395
All (34 separate tests) $975 $775
Metered Packages {Installed software...with limited usage} Meters Cost
Basic Office, Legal, Medical, and Accounting Skills 15 $150
Basic Office, Legal, Medical, and Accounting Skills 20 $200

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